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Processing Material :
Brass BS 2874, CZ 121, UNS 36000, BS 249 & Special Copper Alloy Such as Lead Free Cutting Brass.
Machining Facility :
Brass Bar Turning & Machining on Automatic
CNC, VMC, TMC, HMC, Milling, Drilling, Lathe, Turning Machining
Brass Bar CNC Machining and Turning
Brass Forging plus CNC Machining
Brass Billet Cutting Machine + CNC Machining.
Major Types of Components :
Refrigeration Parts, Inserts, Terminals, Solar Heater Components, Solar Components, Stampings, Forgings, Precision Turned Components, Micro Turned Components, Plastic Moulding Inserts, And any other customized components.
Machining Operations :
Turning, Drilling, Milling, Broaching, Drilling tapping, Plastic Moulding, Forging, Grinding, Stamping and Sub Assembly.
Surface Treatment :
Natural, Nickel, Chromium, Tin and Silver.
Processing Range :
1 mm to 200 mm Diameter.
Design Aid Software :
3D, AutoCAD.
Hiren Brass Products provides a wide range of special packaging options for our customers. We are experts in packaging single and multiple unit products that meet a variety of specifications.
From label logos to fully printed packaging, Hiren Brass Products can meet all your labeling needs.
Machine Equipments
CNC Machining-Hiren Brass Products

CNC Automatic Turning Machine
Troube Type Automatic Machine
DTS double Cam Shaft Automatic Lathe
Multi Station Rotary Disc Transfer Indexing Machines
Profile Drawing Machine
3/4 Turning Machine Automatic Troube
Milling Machine
Special Purpose Milling Machine
Special Purpose Section Cutting Machine
Special Purpose Drilling Machines
1/2 Drilling Machine
Special Purpose Threading Machine
1/2 Threading Machine
1/2 Tool Grinders
1 1/2" Special Automatic Troube
1" Special Automatic Troube
Power Press 10 Ton Capacity
Hand Press
Centrifugal Deburring/ Polishing Machine
Vibro Finishing Machine

Quality Control Equipments
Quality control-Hiren Brass Products

Profile Projector
Force Testing Machine
Metal Hardness Testing Machine
Centrifugal Deburring-Polishing Machine
Vibro Finishing Machine
Micro Meter
Torque Testing Machine
WCP Gauges - Master Calibration
Pin Gauges-Specific
Special Structural Gauges to Control Critical Dimensions
Special Radius Gauges to check radius over components