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Manufacturing Materials

Hiren Brass Products has been manufacturing and supplying OEMs with products made from quality materials since 2011. We create custom products from many materials such as Brass, Aluminum, copper, and Steel, and more. Every component that is manufactured or supplied is produced utilizing specific material required for each customer's application. there is a lot of variables that play into a material choice such as environment, price, market, and machining capabilities. HB can assist you in choosing the appropriate material for tour application.

Value Added

Customized Products

Our customers across the globe. We provide custom products to our customers as per their needs. We develop products as per our customer-specific needs, sample, and drawings. Our seasoned staff of machinists is adept at working with an array of materials including Aluminum, Stainless steel, MS, Copper, and Brass. We have the capacity for prototyping as well as low and high-volume production runs.

Custom Manufacturing

Hiren Brass Products can create your custom products for multiple types of applications. We make custom CNC Products, Brass Parts, Copper Fittings, Copper Tube Bend, Forging Parts and more. Click on or contact us below.

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