R410A brass straight ball valve

Hiren Brass Products provide low-cost and quality access ports for your refrigeration service.R410A Brass Straight Ball Valve are designed to offer convenience, low-cost and quality access ports for refrigeration service.

• Refrigeration
• Air conditioning

More Information

Type: Straight Ball Valves
Color: Red
Material: Brass
Length: 65mm
Suitable: A/C Charging Hoses HVAC 1/4" AC Refrigerant R410A Freon

1. HVAC/r service technical refrigeration tools.
2. Using Shut off ball valves reduces the lose of refrigerant.
3. Valves square measure designed for traditional 1/4" SAE Refrigerant Charging hoses.
4. 1/4" Male SAE on one finish and 1/4" female SAE with valve core depressor on another end.
5. Designed for refrigeration gauges.
6. Approved for R410A refrigerant.
7. Durable in use